Private residential communities often have their home owners associations, this is great because it ensures the consistencies throughout the neighborhood of the architectural taste.

At GnG Forge we work closely with HOA’s when it comes to the fabrication and installation of new metal fixtures such as gates, handrails, guardrails or any other fixture.

  • We check with the HOA for specific rules and regulations in their community.
  • We work with the home owner to come up with the design and style to satisfy these rules and their own architectural taste.
  • Previous to fabrication we provide both the home owner and the HOA with schematics describing in full detail the fixture to be installed.
  • Upon approval we execute the plan.

How can I ensure my metal fixture (handrail, gate or other) lasts a long time?

Three factors influence the longevity of metal fixtures:

  1. Location
  2. Type of metal
  3. Finish on the metal

Depending on the area where the handrail or gate will be you may choose more or less protection; The closest to the water the more protection your fixture will need.

 Here is a list starting from most affordable combination metal/finish to the least affordable:

  1. Steel, no finish
  2. Steel with primer and paint
  3. Steel with powder-coat finish
  4. Aluminum, no finish
  5. Aluminum with primer and paint
  6. Aluminum with powder-coat finish
  7. 304 Stainless steel
  8. powder-coated 304 Stainless steel 
  9. Galvanized steel
  10. Galvanized and powder-coated steel
  11. 316 Stainless steel, No finish
  12. 316 Stainless steel with powder-coat finish
  13. Bronze.

Of course, there are more variants and options, this is only meant to give you an idea.

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